Bridgewater Investment Group is a commercial real estate investment firm with a proven track record of success in the commercial and multi-family real estate markets. Our approach encompasses a comprehensive strategy that spans asset management, development, and strategic monetization, all designed to empower our investors in realizing their investment objectives.

Our firm is dedicated to providing our investors with the highest quality investment opportunities and the best possible returns. We have an extensive understanding of the commercial and multi-family real estate markets and use our expertise to identify opportunities and manage risks.

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Our asset management strategy is designed to maximize returns for our investors by developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets systematically and efficiently. We partner with national property management firms to ensure stable occupancy rates, the greatest efficiencies, and achieve market rental rates.

Bridgewater Investment Group provides investors frequent updates and the return of excess cash flow quarterly and annually. Our fully integrated development and construction experience allows us to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and improve overall outcomes. Our team is highly experienced in management, maintenance and leasing services. We utilize digital marketing strategies, branding, and collateral to drive demand and attract high-quality tenants.

Our asset monetization strategy is focused on creating value for our investors through a systematic and strategic approach to stabilizing and divesting assets. We stabilize our assets through Bridgewater Investment Group’s improvements in place, increasing the property value and asset performance.

We market the asset for sale and aim to divest it within five to seven years from the original investment. While considering investment-specific hurdles, our focus is on the optimal timing and strategic opportunities for divestment to maximize returns for our investors.

Bridgewater Investment Group’s commitment to creating value for our investors is at the core of our asset monetization strategy. We are committed to timely and transparent communication throughout the process and delivering returns that meet or exceed our investors’ expectations.

Bridgewater Investment Groups property acquisition criteria focuses on identifying and acquiring multi-family and commercial assets that offer the best repositioning, rehabilitation, and recapitalization opportunities. We conduct thorough due diligence to ensure that every acquisition aligns with our investment objectives and provides the highest possible returns to our investors. Our focus is on strategic acquisitions and our ability to identify off-market opportunities.

We identify acquisition opportunities through direct sourcing and market research. Our acquisition professionals actively source investment opportunities through our network of strategic relationships with portfolio property owners, reputable brokerage firms and financial institutions.

Every acquisition opportunity goes thorough a rigorous due diligence process to assess the property’s value, condition, and potential for repositioning. This process includes:

  • Reviewing the property’s financial statements and operating history
  • Inspecting the property’s physical condition
  • Analyzing the local market conditions
  • Interviewing the property’s management team

After thoroughly vetting the opportunity, risk is assessed with conservative underwriting practices that evaluate

  • Lease expiration of the current tenants
  • Renewal projections
  • Projected market rents as in-place leases expire
  • Projected costs (tenant improvements, leasing commissions, and downtime) to renew the existing tenant or achieve new markets rents

Bridgewater Investment Group stress-tests every opportunity to ensure performance under various scenarios. If the results meet our acquisition criteria, we proceed to complete the strategic acquisition.

Our market and asset identification strategy is focused on uncovering under-performing, distressed, under-valued, and value-add assets in core plus markets. We thoroughly analyze historical and current market data, in-place operations, and planned property upgrades to identify opportunities with the highest potential returns. We prioritize sub-markets with historical rent growth and stabilized vacancy rates, as well as properties with in-place rents below market value and historical sales trends supporting value appreciation.







At Bridgewater Investment Group, our unwavering commitment revolves around providing an exceptional investor experience. We prioritize the identification of our investors’ unique needs and work diligently to ensure that the investment opportunities we present are in perfect alignment with their objectives. Our dedication to this cause is evident through our regular quarterly reports, which comprehensively outline property performance and prevailing trends. Moreover, our team remains fully engaged throughout the entire investment period, addressing all investor needs and inquiries with the utmost care and diligence.