Strategic Investment Opportunities
in Commercial Real Estate

Bridgewater Investment Group is a privately held diversified commercial real estate investment firm with a primary goal of generating appreciation through value-add properties.

We focus on providing strategic investment opportunities in high-quality commercial and multi-family assets that provide our investors with the potential for attractive risk-adjusted returns, significant appreciation, and portfolio diversification.

Our belief is that value is created through a disciplined investment process based on the following principles:

  • Focusing on acquiring undervalued assets in markets with strong fundamentals
  • Implementing value-add strategies to improve the performance of our assets
  • Managing our assets with a focus on long-term value creation
  • Communicating consistently and transparently with our investors

As a team with more than twenty years of combined experience in commercial real estate investing we understand the importance of the fundamentals and disciplined execution.



Our market and asset identification strategy is focused on uncovering under-performing, distressed, under-valued, and value-add assets in core plus markets. We thoroughly analyze historical and current market data, in-place operations, and planned property upgrades to identify opportunities with the highest potential returns.

Bridgewater Investment Groups property acquisition criteria focuses on identifying and acquiring multi-family and commercial assets that offer the best repositioning, rehabilitation, and recapitalization opportunities.

Our asset monetization strategy is focused on creating value for our investors through a systematic and strategic approach to stabilizing and divesting assets. We stabilize our assets through Bridgewater Investment Group’s improvements in place, increasing the property value and asset performance.

Our asset management strategy is designed to maximize returns for our investors by developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets systematically and efficiently. We partner with national property management firms to ensure stable occupancy rates, the greatest efficiencies, and achieve market rental rates.



As a passive investor, you do not have to be involved in the day-to-day operations of the property. You can enjoy the benefits of real estate investing without having to deal with the headaches of property management.
Active investing requires a significant amount of time and effort to learn what you need to know to make the right decisions. This can be challenging if you have other commitments or lack experience in real estate investing.
Passive real estate investing can offer better returns than other types of passive investments, such as stocks and bonds, especially when you invest in a syndication or partnership with an experienced sponsor.
More of the risk typically rests with you as an active investor, including the risk of making costly poor decisions or encountering unexpected expenses.